Friday, June 8, 2018

The Buddha Nameplate by Devika Gujral

Hello crafty people!
Devika here and today I will share a wonderful trick of using the stamp sentiments in different ways to increase their usage and also creating a magical coloured background using the inks.

Step.1: Sand the mdf name plate surface with a sandpaper.
Step.2: Prime it by applying 2 layers of Gesso. (allowing 15–20 min to dry between the 2 coats)
Step.3: Paint the base with white chalk/acrylic. Let it dry.
Step.4: Remove 2 layers of the napkin and use the top most layer.
Step.5: Tear the relevant Buddha and floral design with water and paint brush.

Step.6: Apply a thin layer of mod podge at the base and put the napkin on top.

Step.7: Dab it with a dry sponge and use the plastic wrap to remove the air bubbles.
Step.8: Put a thin layer of mod podge on top of the design.
Step.9: Sand the excess napkin when the mod podge dries.

Step.10: Put one last layer of mod podge.
Step.11: Apply the base coat of Itsy Bitsy’s 2 step crackle medium on the area of the name plate which isn’t decoupaged.

Step.12: Let it dry completely naturally.
Step.13: When dry, put the top coat of the crackle medium. Let it dry naturally.

Step.14: Cracks will appear when it dries.

Step.15: Highlight the cracks with Home decor Antique Wax, covering very small portions at a time.
Step.16: Remove the excess wax at the same time with a paper towel or else it will settle and wont come out later! THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP.

Step.17: Paint the alphabets with black chalk/acrylic paint and adhere them with Monte marte glue.
Step.18: Mix resin and hardener in the proportion as mentioned on the pack and put it on the complete name plate.
Let it cure overnight and you have a waterproof outdoor name plate ready!!
Hope you all loved it! Please do like, share and comment below! Till we meet next time, happy crafting.
Loads of love from Devika Gujral ❤

Happy Crafting!!
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