Friday, June 1, 2018

Sweet Peony Foam Flower by Khushbu Garg

Hello Crafty Peeps,
Khushbu here back again on Prika’s blog sharing white peony foamiran flower making without using any mould, die, and iron. I am sure you will just love making it for your upcoming projects….Let’s go through some more details..

Supplies Used-
# White and Green foamiran sheet (0.6mm)
# Floral wire
-# Floral tape
# Black pollens
# Glue gun
Step.1: I cut the white foamiran sheet into three sizes(3cm, 2.5 and 2cm) square pieces.

Step.2: Then I cut these pieces into petal like shape.

( For step 1 and 2 I take about 6 to 7 pieces at a time to cut together)
Step.3: Then I take 1 petal at a time and sqeeze it only at the upper side not on the bottom of the petal. After that I stretch the patel only in the middle using my thumbs.

(I repeate this step 3 with all my petals and keep them aside)

Step.4: After that I take a piece of green foamrian sheet size 1cm×9cm and cut it like frill. Then I sqeeze it for giving it real like look.

Step.5: I take the floral wire size 8cm and stick this green piece of foam in the round manner to make the centre of my flower. I stick the flower tape over the wire.
Step.6: After that I glued the black pollens on the side of this centre.
Step.7: Now its time to arrange the flower. I start pasting petals on the sides of the centre (Firstly I used small petals and the I moved to big ones). After pasting all the petals flower is ready.

Step.8: Now I cut the green foamiran sheet into leave like shapes and add these leves on the wire of the flower to enhance its beauty.

Please give it a try and share ur project with us.
Thanks a ton.
Khushbu Garg
Happy Crafting!!
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