Tuesday, May 10, 2022

"That Smile " Layout || Fantasy Dies

 Hello Everyone 

Priyanka this side with my inspiration for the day,  Today I have this layout to share with you all named "That Smile" we all have our special moments and there is no way then to get our self clicked to have that special moment captured for us!! I have included different sets of flowers making dies to create my own handmade fabric flowers to match the theme along with different dies from the brand to create a composition. 

Hope to see you enjoy today's inspiration, do leave some love in comments below. Also sharing some quick links to all dies used to create this layout.

FD1310- https://fantasy86.ru/nozh-dlya-vyrubki-fantasy-nabor-tsvetov-1310/

FD1114- https://fantasy86.ru/nozh-dlya-vyrubki-fantasy-paskhalnye-vetvi-razmer-12-3-4-sm/

FD1109- https://fantasy86.ru/nozh-dlya-vyrubki-fantasy-vetka-ginkgo-razmer-9-1-7-5-sm/

FD1051- https://fantasy86.ru/3292/

FD764- https://fantasy86.ru/3007/

FD742- https://fantasy86.ru/2985/

FD620- https://fantasy86.ru/2863/

FD565-  https://fantasy86.ru/2809/

FD1307- https://fantasy86.ru/nozh-dlya-vyrubki-fantasy-shipovnika-tsvetok/

FD1152- https://fantasy86.ru/nozh-dlya-vyrubki-fantasy-trilistnik-mayskiy-razmer-9-5-sm/

FCH1716- https://fantasy86.ru/chipbord-fantasy-rozy-na-kinoplenke-1716-razmer-12-6-sm/

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