Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Fantasy Spring || Post Cards || Priyanka Singh

 Hello Fantasy Fans,

Welcome back on the channel with quick tutorial inspiration to create postcard for our “Fantasy Spring” Challenge !!

Here’s a quick idea for you create some post cards with the themed colour palette to follow and participate in the challenge. Since the first stage is devoted to spring in colours of blue and green along with bloom and birds.

I have included various leaf dies cuts and handmade fabric flowers from the store to create these postcards. Hope you enjoy this inspiration and participate in the challenge.
D-350- https://fantasy86.ru/2617/

D-473- https://fantasy86.ru/2727/
D-153- https://fantasy86.ru/2433/
D-913- https://fantasy86.ru/3155/
D-957- https://fantasy86.ru/3199/
GL-100 - https://fantasy86.ru/kley-fantasy-universalnyy-100-ml/

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